Early 392 Chrysler Hemi

Early 392 Chrysler Hemi
Brand: Milodon
Product Code: MIL-30762
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Early Chrysler Hemi

Milodon stock replacement oil pan.

Pan Capacity is 5 Qts. Plus Filter
Sump 11"Long 7 3/4" Deep

Oil Pump and Pick-Up Required

A brand new stamping of the rear sump 392 Hemi pan. Milodon pan has complete interior baffling heli-arc welded in place, race rady. Beware of cheaper versions that frequently have off-center seallocations and no interior baffling at all. Has magnetic drain plug included.

These Milodon oil pans are stock replacements for factory oil pans and are perfect for restoration projects. They're also perfect for engines that are not intended for racing and just need a new stock-style pan. These American-made pans offer an excellent fit and flat, un-warped pan rails, unlike imported pans. They feature internal baffling to keep oil in the sump and free up additional horsepower and are available for most domestic V8 engines.

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