Milodon Products

Since 1967, Milodon has supported both the Professional and the Sportsman racer at not only the National levels but the local Divisional levels too. Many oil pan manufacturers overlook the sportsman racers but the truth is, these Weekend Warriors form the majority of most racing bodies. Milodon posts over $250,000.00 in contingencies each year for running our oil pans and decals in NHRA and IHRA. National Champions rely on Milodon for championship caliber engine components that make horsepower and won't let them down.
Milodon has also sponsored drag racing in Australia and currently in Europe.

Milodon understands what performance street and racing engines require...Quality and Performance. Flat oil pan rails and proper bolt hole alignment are guaranteed as every pan is 100% leak-checked and block-checked.

Milodon oil pans are plated in our trademark gold. Aside from a quality look, this plating is actually a military spec rust preventative. After an acid dip to to remove all surface imperfections, the initial coating of  zinc is applied with the cosmetic gold applied over that. Unlike painted oil pans, this gold plating can be applied inside and out to provide a totally clean and rust free oil pan. As painted oil pans can not be painted on the inside, they will be subject to loose welding debris and other contamination.

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