NHOA Fourth Annual Yearbook 1981

NHOA Fourth Annual Yearbook 1981
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This is easily the sorriest commentary on what was at one time the leading force in the Chrysler Performance enthusiast world.  We would not have made this available without great soul searching and believing that more good than bad-especially historically, will come from this.  Besides, the tech is still top shelf! 1981 Hemi Owners Parts Division Newsletters; Politics-what really happened to the NHOA; Hot Rodding the Dodge V8/Big Block Performance 1964 Hot Rod How To Book; 1965 Hustle Stuff catalog; 1968 HEMI SuperStock Barracuda A body Engineering Tech Bulletin; Superbird Special Parts List Bulletin 1970; D-4 Aluminum Hemi Head release bulletin; Mopar Special Parts catalog-SP1-back when Chrysler Performance Parts was real!  130 pages of the saddest original and accurate HEMI history on the planet….  High quality duplicate reproduction…

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