Chrysler Power Nov, 1998

Chrysler Power Nov, 1998
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(The Last Issue – After the tragic death of Jane Osborne, CP was combined with Christian Motorsports Illustrated and edited by CMI editor Tom Winfield.  CMI still has much of the CP flavor because of the influence of Roland Osborne, founder and publisher of both.)

Cars & Christians – Bobby Martin & Bunny Burkett put on a funny car show for Christ; Anatomy of a manifold – creating a 2 x 4 out of the Weilan 6 pack; The Flog – Setting Up Your Car For the Drags; Kohr’s Tech Korner – Paint & Prep How To; 11 Second Street Team – Challenging all Fords & Chevys; Adventures of an Automotive Engineer – The First Chrysler HEMI; Fun Truckin’ – Pro Stock DAKOTA.

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