POLYSUPERPAC.com is excited to announce new life for old Polys... The original ‘A’ engine, (aka Poly), was introduced in 1956 as a significant replacement for the Hemi of that era... Much more economical to produce but still having opposing valve placement ala the Hemi, it was a very strong performer from idle to 5000rpm, in contrast to the Hemi which performed well from 3000 to 7000+. The factory four barrel and two four barrel versions were the HOT setup and performed very well from idle thru 5500rpm. Weiand produced the aluminum single four #7503, aluminum three deuce WPD3D, and the aluminum dual quad WPD4D, all single plane divided plenum intakes that performed well through 6500rpm although a bit “soft” on throttle response under 3000rpm, without the requisite “hot-rod” mods of lower rear gears and high-stall convertors or four speeds.In 1956 Edelbrock produced a three deuce P600 dual plane manifold with a three-bolt carb pad for the Stromberg 97’s and Holley 94 style 2bbl. carburetors of the day and a later four-bolt carb pad in the sixties to accommodate the popular Rochester style 2bbl. carburetors. All these manifolds worked well during that era and are still good performers today, (if and when you can find them), even on Stroked Poly engines. However, modern technology allows us to build a “better mousetrap” for the Poly – our WOLF in sheep’s clothing.

A consortium of Chrysler engines specialists and credentialed engineers (Gary Pavlovich, Gary Stauffer, Roland Osborne & Martin Ahlgrim), met recently with foundries and pattern makers in California to begin production of a series of Gen II Poly manifolds which will work well from idle to 6500rpm in “as cast” form for all 277-301-303-313-318-326 Plymouth and Dodge Poly engines as well as BUILT Stroker Polys. Using the dual plane air-gap technology of the modern Hot Heads HEMI intake manifold, graciously loaned by Bob Walker of “Hot Heads” in Lowgap, NC, and using Hot Heads’ original patternmaker and foundry, Javier Vasquez/FoundryWorks, POLY SUPER-PAC now has this ‘hot-ticket’ available to bolt on and go spank some unsuspecting Chevys, Ford and Hemis.

Be the first on your block to slay some giants with your Poly... Coupled with an appropriate carb for the engine, it will rip your head off from idle all the way thru 6 grand!!!



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