Ultimate Auto Polish

Ultimate Auto Polish
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A little goes A LOOONG way!

The miracle formula known as Armor All began its humble life back in 1962. Invented by unsung hero and polymer chemist Joe Palcher, Armor All was instantly recognized for its ability to protect rubber, plastic, and vinyl from UV radiation and ozone. But before it was called Armor All, Joe and his friends bottled the formula as Tri-Don, or No Dirt spelled backwards. Ten years later, marketing expert and car enthusiast Alan Rypinski bought the rights to Joe’s formula and renamed it Armor All. Armed with his new company, Alan patented Armor All, and set out to introduce it to car enthusiasts around the world. Soon after, Armor All launched another product, the first soap specifically designed to wash cars, which set the company on the long road to innovation.

In the meantime, Joe went on to continue to research and develop a variety of other automotive enhancement chemical formulas. His now vast polymer engineering capacity saw the relationships of the molecular and physical characteristics of plastics, rubber and various paint formulas. He has developed ULTIMATE Products and with BFG HemiCuda postercar owner Martin Ahlgrim, has made them available to the highly discriminating European and Global collector market.

If you want the very best for your prized Mopar, the ULTIMATE POLISH product line is for you!

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